Selecting the Optimal Mix of Resources

To effectively meet the growing demand for paratransit and other special needs transportation services, efficiency is key. Applying innovative thinking and new technology, our Mobility Management program maximizes efficiency while actually enhancing freedom for our passengers. At SCR, we understand what drives success in Mobility Management and can help build a highly effective program in your community.

  • Innovation. We use non-dedicated resources to prevent erosion of dedicated vehicle productivityŚlike putting a taxi on a long single trip instead of a van that could be better utilized doing three to four other pickups.
  • Resourcefulness. Using non-dedicated resources to provide peak hour augmentation, we prevent over scheduling of more costly dedicated resources.
  • Communication. We work to coordinate service between local and regional providers. A local city dial-a-ride or local non-profit can often provide real value on local trips as compared to bringing a regional paratransit vehicle from far away.
  • Synchronization. We understand the importance of coordinating the needs of disabled populations with other transit users. The same demand-responsive vehicles that provide service to the disabled can also provide first mile/last mile services for transit passengers to transit centers or rail stations.
  • Technology. Using high-performance technology, our experienced managers assist local operators in learning how to optimize their service to maximize productivity.
"Mobility Management is truly key. Our team is well experienced and has the drive to stay abreast of the fast pace of ride scheduling."
- Pamela Rakestraw,
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