Building Productivity Without Compromising Service Quality

At SCR, we believe that sustainable improvements in service productivity can only be achieved through the highest level of service quality. SCR rises to this challenge by using the full spectrum of available tools.

  • Dispatch technology. We are expert operators of both Trapeze and Stratagen, the two most sophisticated paratransit management software suites.
  • Mobile data and global positioning technology. These powerful tools give dispatchers up-to-the-minute status on every vehicle in order to assure on-time performance.
  • Voice directed, turn-by-turn navigation. Allowing even the newest drivers to focus on safe driving rather than map reading, this vital technology virtually eliminates delays caused by lost drivers.
  • Full paperless operation. Drivers can now pay full attention to passenger safety and comfort instead of juggling clipboards and map books on their laps.
  • Driver shift optimization. While most companies use automated dispatching, SCR goes the extra mile. We actually optimize driver shifts in order to provide the best mix of shift profiles to match trip demand. This is a major new technology that SCR has pioneered.

Our Drive and Commitment is to Meet our Client's Objectives.

The most significant difference between SCR and its competitors, both large and small, is our commitment to achieving our client's objectives. The best example of this focus can be found in our Chicago operation where we operate at productivity levels that are a full 20% higher than our competitors. It's a choice that speaks to our culture. Our company could make more money running the extra hours, just as our competitors do. Instead we continually strive to attain and maintain the higher levels of productivity our client has established as a major priority while simultaneously maintaining our market leadership for on time performance.
"Our expertise in the paratransit industry gives us unique insight into the needs of our passengers."
- Pamela Rakestraw,
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